3475 Rt 9 Freehold, NJ 07728
A&M Shopping Plaza
phone 732-414-6900
fax 732-761-2905
email aanganfreehold@gmail.com

Aangan is now Aabhar

castle  We’ve changed our name from Aangan to Aabhar. We will continue to serve the same great food and give the same great service. Since taking over Aangan Restaurant last year, we’ve brought our customers a truly fine dining experience. We’ve come a long way—with the addition of Lemon Mediterranean Restaurant, which has become a shining example of culinary excellence. We will continue to evolve and our new name says it all. “Aabhar” means “grateful”, and that’s what we are. We’re grateful to our customers for their loyalty, and grateful for the opportunity to continue doing what we love. Thank you, and see you soon at Aabhar.
Spice is at the heart of Indian cuisine, at Aabhar we strive to overlay one carefully-selected spice over another, to create a rich, delicious texture in our food. At Aahbar we serve mainly North Indian food, which is not necessarily hot - it is well-spiced.

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